Schlank, from the german word schlank, means skinny or slender. In early times, when a woman had a nice, slender figure she was often refered to as being schlank. Schlank is also a family that came over from eastern Europe in the late 1800's.

From the eary-twenties to the early thirties, M.R. Schlank was a movie producer who made (you guessed it!) movies! He and his partner Harry Cohen made silent movies like "Webs of Steel" and "Sgt. Mulligan."

M.R.'s wife, Bess Wright, owned her own seamstress shop and was just as well known as Edith Head for her marvelous designs! You can still see the work of Bess Wright Schlank at the Smithsonian Institute and periodically other museums around the country.

Currently, the last Schlank in this family, great-grandson Brett is finishing his degree at California State University, Northridge in Film Production.

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